Cricket with year 5

Today, we have been practising our cricket skills. We learnt how to hold our hands correctly reducing the risk of injury and played a few games of cricket.

Network Rail

We have been developing our awareness of electrification on the railway, level crossings and railway safety. Stay safe over the holidays 5GT.

Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day was celebrated globally on Tuesday 11th February, with the theme: Together for a better internet. Safer Internet Day aims to inspire a national conservation about using technology responsibly. Well done to all the children who provided us with information about how to stay safe online.

Art and Design

This week, we have been creating patterns and textures with watercolour paints to produce water scenes.

‘The River’s a winder,

Through valley and hill.

He twists and he turns,

He just cannot be still.’

The Rover by Valerie Bloom

Tokyo 2020

Our design and technology project was to design an Olympic vest for the Olympic Games this year. We had to think about how we could make the vest unique and stand our from the crowd.

We used felt and needles and thread to create our own unique Olympic vest.

Take a look at some of our completed vests.

Poetry Week

We have been exploring ‘The Jabberwocky’ poem written by Lewis Carroll. We learnt that the poem contains examples of ‘portmanteau’- words blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example brunch. We had lots of fun learning and performing the nonsense poem.

London Trip

This week, we visited the British Museum and the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of our ‘Pharaoh’ topic. Whilst visiting the British Museum, we explored the collection of items from Egypt, each with their own unique story.

We also had the amazing opportunity to explore the life of King Tutankhamun and the authentic pieces from his tomb. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the wonder and mystery of the boy king.