Gong Hei Fat Choi

Last week, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We read the Chinese story and took part in a tai chi session, which was very relaxing.

Winter Fair

This week, we visited the fair and had a great time exploring the many stalls and playing games.


This week, we have been investigating what happens to different materials when they are mixed with water. We observed which materials reacted to water, which dissolved and which floated or sank when mixed with water. As this was an investigation, we made our prediction on what we thought would happen when we added the following materials to water : salt, sugar, sand, baking powder and flour. Then, we thought about what we could change (independent variable), what we could observe (dependent variable) and what we had to keep the same (control variable).

Christmas activities

This week, we have been getting ready for Christmas. We have been busy creating our cards and calendars.

To make the cards, we drew a circle and added the twig effect. Then, we used paint to create the berries.

Take a look at our scarab beetle calendars and magnificent wreath cards.