A little note from me

I really hope that you are all ok, 5GT. I am missing you all lots!

I will be adding some activities to support your learning during the week which will hopefully help to keep you busy. There is a link on the school website where you can access the home learning pack.

You can also:

* Read your favourite book

* Write a book review

* Write a character /setting description

* Keep a daily diary of what you are doing

* Research our author-Alvaro Villa

* Draw a picture from the book ‘The Flood’

* Access TTRS

* Do any physical activity daily (Joe Wicks is great)

* Explore musical activities (bbc.co.uk/teach/ks2-music/zfv96v4 has On-Line interactive lessons)

* Access My Maths (tasks have been allocated for everybody)

Stay safe 5GT and remember to send me any work that you are proud of.

Take care,

Mrs Thornton

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