Topic work this week

This week’s learning theme is FAMOUS/SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE. Don’t forget to explore the tasks below:

Famous Brits- Lots of significant people in history have been British. Emmeline Pankhurst, Guy Fawkes and Mary Anning are just a few. You could research one of these or another famous Brit of your choice and create a fact file, a presentation, a chronological report of their life or present your research in any way you like. 

Inspiration for Inventors- These inventors talk about where they found the inspiration for their inventions. Think about what problems you incur in your daily life? What inventions would make your life easier? How could you turn your idea into a product? You could mind map ideas of how you could solve the problem before designing and annotating a product. You may even want to make a prototype or test parts of your design to see if it would work. 

Significant to Me- Think about a person who is significant to you. This could be a famous person who has inspired you or someone who has made a positive impact on them from your everyday life. Discuss with an adult the attributes that this person has – why are they inspiring? You may wish to draw a portrait of this person.

What it Takes- Watch this interview with Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas. In this interview it talks about the dedication needed to be a successful sportsperson. Can you set yourself a goal to work on every day? You could create a poster outlining your goal and the steps you will take each day to work towards it. You could include steps they will take when you return to school. 

I look forward to reading your work (don’t forget, you can stream what you have been learning).

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